Andrew (Harwell) Eliopulos grew up in Newnan, Georgia, a city known for old, beautiful homes that survived the Civil War thanks to the city's war-era designation as "the hospital city." He attended the University of Chicago, which had become his top-choice school the moment he first read the off-kilter application questions (his own application essay was a wry imagining of the platypus origin myth). After a summer spent studying in Freiburg, he double-majored in Germanic Studies and Fundamentals: Issues and Texts.

Andrew is now a children's book editor at a major publishing house, focusing on middle grade and young adult fiction. His first novel, The Spider Ring (Scholastic Press), was a 2016 CBC Children's Choice Reading List selection.

Andrew currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, in the first floor of a Victorian home not unlike the ones in Newnan. He believes stories have a way of coming back like that.

Andrew Eliopulos is represented by Sara Crowe.
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