Doreen Croninoreen Cronin. I was born in Queens, New York, and I grew up on Long Island with my mom, dad, two brothers, and my sister. My father, who passed away, was a police officer. Despite the serious occupation, my father had an unbelievable sense of humor and it is truly one of his many legacies. Now whenever someone says that Click, Clack, Moo made them laugh, I feel like my Dad is still around cracking people up. I love it.

Though I love writing, collecting antique typewriters, and baseball, I worked as an attorney in New York for many years. The attorney / children's book author combination tends to catch people off guard. After Click, Clack, Moo was featured on National Public Radio with Scott Simon and CCMDaniel Pinkwater, one of the attorneys stopped me in the hallway to tell me what he had heard on the radio. He said he heard a very funny children's book read on the air written by a Doreen Cronin who also happened to be an attorney. "Isn't that wild?", he asked. "That's not another Doreen Cronin," I told him. "That's me!" I'm still not quite sure he believes me.

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