I have the distinct honor of being the author of the very first book Pippin Properties sold when it opened its doors back in 1998. How could I forget meeting Holly McGhee at a midtown restaurant for lunch twelve years ago? Immediately I liked her sly sense of humor and the fact that she was a Yankees fan, but it was when Holly conveyed her passion for creating evergreens, books that stand the test of time, that I was hooked. Right there at our meeting, arranged and attended by Kate McMullan, my former writing teacher and good friend, I signed on to become a Pippin. 
At that time, twelve years ago, there was no blogging or social networking, mobile phones were in their infancy and personal computers were primitive and slow. Ah, to go back to the good old slow days! 
Today, of course, we can communicate in ways that were completely unimaginable when Pippin was launched--video chatting, IM-ing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to name a few. It's all fast, fast fast.
However, I am enjoying the best part of those "good old days" as an author represented by Pippin Properties. Holly and her team take time to nurture relationships with their authors and illustrators, encouraging them to take the time to produce their best work. Working with Pippin is like dining on a soul satisfying five-course meal, instead of gobbling up a Big Mac. While the agency is always expanding, changing, and staying relevant, Pippin's built-in filter is impervious to junk. 
I am constantly inspired and delighted by the quality of Pippin's authors and illustrators. How many times have I read Kate and Jim McMullan's I STINK! or Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin's CLICK, CLACK, MOO: COWS THAT TYPE and laughed out loud? I've devoured Kate DiCamillo's THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE on four different occasions and wept each time. 
In fact, seeing all of the authors' and illustrators' books on display at the Pippin office never fails to enlighten and encourage me. This is the office I've entered with firm (sometimes stubborn) ideas about my project and exited an hour or so later seeing my work in an entirely new light. It is where I've hatched a picture book, a nonfiction storybook and now a book for adult readers. Pippin is a place I call home. 

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