I grew up in a small Massachusetts town with a decent sized forest behind my house. In this wild space, I spent hours climbing trees, picking blueberries, poking around in vernal pools, sledding down steep hills, and finally, returning home to map out my adventures.

As a babysitter and a camp counselor, I became an avid picture book collector, small-time librarian, and theatrical bedtime voice-actor. I equally treasured the whimsical, slapstick humor of James Marshall, as well as the enigmatic, precise work of Chris Van Allsburg.

Throughout childhood, I steeped myself in art. My grandfather, a retired graphic designer, would write and illustrate hilariously eccentric birthday cards and include gift certificates for art classes. I took classes at the Worcester Art Museum. I kept sketchbooks. I secretly made a mural in my bedroom closet. By high school my path was clear, and I continued my education to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Today, I explore the charming city of Portland, Oregon and its surrounding forests. Rain or shine, my son Finn and I cruise around on a ginormous cargobike decorated with stickers. We often head to Powell’s, the library, or a park and then return home to draw at a small table on our porch.

I studied art at the Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy and have a BA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I earned an MSE in Art Education from the College of St. Rose and taught art for several years in New Hampshire and California. I am so grateful to the Society of Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators for all of their support, including the grand portfolio prize at the 2015 Oregon Spring Conference.

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