I know what you're thinking - who is this author/illustrator with the weird, Irish name?!

Bob was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in New Jersey, and went to a famous art school in Rhode Island where his parents spent a lot of money for him to learn how to do what he'd already been doing since the age of 2 - draw pictures. After graduating from RISD, he delighted his parents and moved straight to New York City to become an unemployed illustrator!

Bob soon discovered that he couldn't get by on ramen noodles and the occasional freelance assignment, so he got a "real job, with benefits" as an Information Graphics artist at The Associated Press. That position led to a role as a Senior Producer for their multimedia department, which later led to a new job at a small NYC design firm, which led to a Senior Designer role at American Eagle Outfitters, which eventually led him back to freelancing full-time and doing what he loves most - drawing pictures.

Bob is currently teaching his second semester of digital illustration as an Adjunct Professor at the City College of New York, and finally, after years of inspiration (and a few rounds of revisions) his first picture book, Charlie Rides, will be published by Abrams in 2017!

Bob lives in Chappaqua, NY where he and his wife, the super-talented and fellow Pippin author/illustrator, Sujean Rim, share their love of picture books with their son, Charlie.

Bob Bianchini is represented by Holly McGhee.
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