Igrew up an only child in the suburbs to a history teacher and a mother who worked long hours in hard factories. A lack of siblings or cousins (and a rather flat Cleveland backdrop) kept me searching for magic in the painfully ordinary. An imaginary blob, “Thing” kept me company on long car rides and trips to the grocery store, silently oozing but never staining our Toyota’s grey interior. If I were lonely I certainly wasn’t aware of it.


As I grew, my interest in drawing formless shapes with the word “Thing” scrawled underneath gave way to a passion for creating grand comedic narratives. Heroes set out for adventures in the first four pages of comic books I’d never finish writing, and young Chelsea set out for four years of art school in Baltimore. One illustration degree from The Maryland Institute College Of Art, tons of hard work and a healthy amount of luck has landed me in Washington DC where I live with a few plants and a few more great friends. By day I work at NPR as a pinch-hitting news Illustrator and animator. By night, I draw more pictures for everyone from your cousin’s favorite band to big huge names like The Atlantic, The Washington Post and Under Armour. My work is connected by humor, wit, and a faint memory of lessons taught from Ed Emberley’s Big Green Drawing Book. 


To make a long story short, I’m here to make books for the lonely kids in the back seat of their mom’s Toyota, wondering if the blob next to them is strapped in safely. I do this with pride.

PIPPIN PROPERTIES, INC.  110 WEST 40th STREET, SUITE 1704, NEW YORK, NY 10018  212 338 9310