In fifth grade, being a doodler, an avid reader of comic books, and an obsessive Calvin and Hobbes fan, Drew decided that he wanted to become a cartoonist. Growing up in Southwest Michigan, Drew wrote and published his first feature length comic book: “Tails of the Brockbunny” at the end of 8th grade. He sold the books from his backpack to his schoolmates. 

After graduating Kalamazoo College with a degree in Art and Art History, he found himself in Central Park working for Christo and Jeanne Claude on “The Gates” artwork installation in the winter of 2005. He went on stay in New York as a graphic designer, using his illustration talents to help create custom logos and stationery pieces. In his spare time, he continued to doodle in his sketchbook as well as participating in cheese eating contests

In late 2012, Drew and his wife relocated to Minneapolis, where he refocused his efforts into writing and illustration. He currently draws in his home studio, while his dog, Cash, snores next to him on a shelf.

His first graphic novel, Cat-Stronauts, will be published in 2017 through Little, Brown for Young Readers.

Drew Brockington is represented by Elena Giovinazzo.
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