Elizabeth Lilly grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, a place of a million relocated cultures, and consequently, no collective culture at all. Instead she absorbed the richness of the places where her parents grew up: the lonely gray mountains of southern West Virginia, and the loud and chatty color of San Juan, Puerto Rico. At home, Spanish words overlapped with English hymns, banana pudding was served with flan, and quiet country Christmas Eves were followed by Puerto Rican parrandas of joyful songs on Christmas Day.

Elizabeth was a reading, doodling daydreamer in high school, and, unsure of her path, went to Architecture School at Virginia Tech for college. Her aversion to rulers and all things technical made this choice a disaster, and after two years she relocated to the safer haven of the Maryland Institute College of Art, where (thankfully) no one asked her to make scale-accurate plans or construct chipboard staircases. Instead she made stories, both animated and still, out of the places she lived in, and the places that lived in her.

Old family stories became new worlds of color and line. Her new city of Baltimore became worlds of playful pigeons, dubious rats and lovely, faded buildings. Pets, places and people took on new lives that played out in sketchbooks and studio walls. Page by page she discovered the fun in making books, in putting stories into pages that unwrap one by one, till at last the reader sits amazed at the world they just walked through.

Elizabeth graduated from college in May of 2014. She now makes her stories in a little old house in the little old city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Elizabeth Lilly is represented by Elena Giovinazzo.
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