spent my childhood in two wonderful homes, in two very different towns in Western Massachusetts, with two sets of parents who loved me and gave me many wonderful opportunities. I rode horses and went sledding in one town, and took piano lessons and learned ballroom dancing in the other town. (I am afraid the dancing skills did not stick.) I always loved to draw and write and read books. I did that no matter where I was. I also had a lot of older siblings who were my heroes, except when they were beating me up. I was a lucky kid. Now I am a lucky grown up.

After college in Upstate New York, I relocated clear across the country to Oregon where I went to architecture school. I met my husband there, and when we were done with all those all-nighters and had our architecture degrees we moved to Seattle to become architects. I worked for several years for a large architecture firm designing retail stores, a job that I loved. It was fast and creative, really hard work, and a lot of fun. Meanwhile, my husband and I moved to beautiful Bainbridge Island. I sometimes would see Orca whales on my daily commute across the water to Seattle! Now that was lucky.

My life of course was changed by the birth of my children. I began to work from home; I started making more art and architecture; and I was reading beautiful picture books to my wee babes. Suddenly I knew: I wanted to make beautiful books for children too! I taught myself to paint, (fortunately I knew a bit about drawing) and started to write, got chickens, some cats and a dog, and lo--after some years of hard work, optimism, support from family and friends (and Pippin Properties), plus a little pluck --my art and writing is going to be published! What luck!

I have illustrated the picture book TURKEY TOT (Holiday House, 2013), written by George Shannon, and I have written and illustrated two picture books, TWO SPECKLED EGGS (Candlewick Press, 2014) and I DEFINITELY WILL NEVER GET A STAR ON MRS. BENSON'S BLACKBOARD (Candlewick Press, 2015).

Jennifer Mann is represented by Holly McGhee.

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