Jeremy Tankard

uthorstrator Jeremy Tankard is the creator of three very silly (but wonderful) picture books: Grumpy Bird (Scholastic Press, 2007); Me Hungry! (from Candlewick Press, 2008); and Boo Hoo Bird (Scholastic Press, 2009).

2012 saw the release of two new books with Jeremy’s name on them. Piggy Bunny (Feiwel and Friends, February, 2012) is Jeremy’s first book with another author. It was written for him by Rachel Vail based on a drawing Jeremy did many years ago. IT’S A TIGER! (Chronicle Books, Fall 2012) was written by David LaRochelle. Jeremy loved the quirky humor and welcomed the opportunity to draw tigers, one of his favorite animals. Both books challenged his drawing skills and the result is a couple of books that he is immensely proud of. His newest book, Destructosaurus (Chronicle, 2014), an adorably catastrophic rampage by a young dinosaur, was written by Aaron Reynolds.

When not writing or drawing Jeremy likes to spend time with his family. He and his wife have two wonderful children, Hermione, 10, and Theo, 2. They are sources of great inspiration and many laughs.

Jeremy was born in Cape Town, South Africa, but left at the age of four for a new life in the United States. His family lived first in Columbia, South Carolina, then Hazard, Kentucky, and finally Knoxville, Tennessee before making another move. This time they landed in Calgary where he spent many years. He currently lives in Toronto.

If you’re wondering why he calls himself an authorstrator... Well, the title was given to him by a third grade smart-ass who clearly thought he was being funny during an author visit with his class.  Jeremy asked if there were any questions and this boy said, “If you’re an author AND an illustrator doesn’t that make you an authorstrator?” And he guffawed loudly at being so clever. Jeremy thought about this and answered, “Yes. It does make me an authorstrator.” And that’s exactly what he has been ever since.

Jeremy Tankard is represented by Holly McGhee.

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