I grew up in a suburb just south of Portland Oregon, in a family that appreciates individuality, and never fails to challenge and inspire.

We road tripped in a Volkswagen Bus, attended hotdog dinners, and roller skated around cul-de-sacs. I got to see plays, hear good music, and enjoyed countless visits to the library. We had family dinner together practically every night, and then gathered around the TV to watch M*A*S*H. I played soccer, softball, and everyday the neighbors could hear me scratching away on my violin for what felt like an eternity to all.

After a brief stint as a music major, I shifted gears and went to art school. I graduated from The Pacific Northwest College of Art, where I majored in illustration.

I went on to work as a graphic designer by day, and painted in my studio by night. My art worlds collided when I had kids of my own, and picture books became the center of our world. Countless hours spent happily reading beautiful books, compelled me to gather up every ounce of artistic ability, and apply it towards children’s book illustration.

I feel a huge amount of gratitude toward my two kids for exposing me to great books, and motivating me to do my best work. Without a doubt, they can be trusted to give sincere and honest critiques, are always encouraging, and will forever be my #1 fan (as I will always be theirs).

I currently live in Portland Oregon, where I get to make art all day long, and occasionally play fiddle in a bluegrass band.

Accolades include first prize in the Westwood Thriftway Coloring Contest (for ages 8-10), winner of the Ramblin’ Rod Smile Contest and recipient of a free case of Pop-Shop-Pop (Portlanders know what I’m talking about!), and grand prize winner in the SCBWI Western Washington Portfolio Show.

Lisa Mundorff is represented by Elena Giovinazzo.
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