At age five, Tricia announced she would do children’s books after years of dissecting every possible nuance of Little Red Riding Hood, backwards and forwards, inside and out.

After college, she moved to New York City and with her very homemade portfolio in hand, knocked on art directors' doors. She began publishing in her early twenties and has not stopped.

The thrill of holding a good book for children in her hands never diminishes for Tricia. And what a feeling when it is her own. She also enjoys making art in other ways through sewing and ceramics and painting and printmaking.

Tricia has received numerous honors and awards for which she is delighted and grateful. Some of the awards include a Golden Kite Honor Award for Illustration 2012 (FOLLOW ME), a Bank Street Best Book of 2011 (ONCE UPON A BABY BROTHER by Sarah Sullivan), a Charlotte Zolotow Honor 2009 (IN A BLUE ROOM by Jim Averbeck), and a Boston Globe Horn Book Honor 2008 (FRED STAYS WITH ME by Nancy Coffeldt).

Tricia and her family live happily ever after in northern New Mexico.

Tricia Tusa is represented by Holly McGhee.
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