William Steigilliam Steig wanted to be a seaman like Melville, but during the Great Depression, he needed to make money to support his mother, father, and his younger brother. He'd done some cartoons for his high-school newspaper, so he decided to try to sell cartoons. He sold a couple of them to The New Yorker, and then he submitted a cover. They said, "We like the idea but not the execution. Will you sell the idea?" He said, "Let me think about it." Then he went home and told his mother. She told him not to sell his idea. Never sell an idea. So he told The New Yorker that, and they bought the picture anyway!

And that's how it all began for Mr. Steig—he started publishing drawings in The New Yorker in 1930. But it wasn't until 1968, when he was sixty years old, that he published his first children's book, Roland the Minstrel Pig. Two years later, he won the Caldecott Medal for Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. Being one of those rare talents who could both write and draw, in addition to a Caldecott Honor for The Amazing Bone, Steig also won two Newbery Honors, one for Abel's Island and the other for Doctor De Soto.

We at Pippin Properties consider Wiliam Steig the grandfather of our company—dear friend, dear client, and extraordinary artist—we miss him enormously.

But we are delighted to represent William Steig's later classics:

Alpha Beta Chowder, written by Jeanne Steig
Cats, Dogs, Men, Women, Ninnies, & Clowns: The Lost Art of William Steig, written by Jeanne Steig
CDB! Deluxe Color Edition
CDC? Deluxe Color Edition
Consider the Lemming, written by Jeanne Steig
Divine Comedies, written by Jeanne Steig
A Handful of Beans, written by Jeanne Steig
Pete's A Pizza board book
Potch and Polly (illustrated by Jon Agee)
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, Deluxe Edition
When Everybody Wore a Hat
Which Would You Rather Be? (illustrated by Harry Bliss)
(illustrated by Quentin Blake)

William Steig is represented by Holly McGhee.
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